Basic Specifications

PREFACC System in Cellular Concrete:


The Prefacc System dispenses with special foundations and Fck 9.00 Mpa Minimum soil compression rate of 0.50 kg / cm². For Buildings in two or more floors and / or metal structures the foundations are made in a conventional manner.


Any type of flooring can be applied, such as: cemented, ceramic, vinyl and others..

Fences / Partitions (Tecnologia PREFACC Ltda)

Autoclaved cellular concrete blocks or panels joined by metal sections are applied.

Cellular Concrete Characteristics:

FUEL, manufactured in an oven (autoclave) where a final result of 50,00Kg/cm², ensuring excellent thermo-acoustic comfort.

Coating (Technology PREFACC Ltda):

Micro-silica textured special mortar, composing glazed final finish, providing very high surface resistance and excellent impregnability. About the same industrial adhesive mortar tiles are optionally applied.


Structure can be in wood or optionally metallic. Tiles may be in cement asbestos, galvanized, ceramic and others at customer's discretion.


Any type of lining such as pine, cedar, PVC, Styrofoam and others.

Window frames:

Folding sheet metal panoramic windows / angles, tilting and max-air. Optionally, aluminum windows and wooden shutters are available. Massive external doors cushion type and internal smooth drawing board.

Hydro-Sanitary Installations:

Installations to conventional standards, pipes may be flush or apparent according to the criteria of the work or client.

Electrical Installations:

Installations according to conventional standards. The pipes may be flush or apparent according to work or client criteria.


Any type of paints can be applied such as: PVA latex, acrylic, enamels, oil, epoxy, chlorinated rubber and others.


Fancy glass, plain glass and others are applied at customer's discretion.

Infrastructure Services (External):

We provide services for the construction of water supply networks, reservoirs, water sewage systems, sumps / sinks, aerobic and anaerobic filters, power and lighting etc...

PCMSO, PCMAT and PPRA (Occupational Safety and Medicine)

All standards are complied with according to current legislation.

Annotation of Answer Technique (ART-CREA)

All works are registered in CREA, in any unit of the federation.


Architectural and executive projects are generated in Auto-Cad.